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The Baker Collection

For over a half-century the MSU Libraries has been acquiring and building an important collection of materials devoted to early bee keeping. The Baker Collection is especially strong in apiculture works printed in English, although other languages are well represented.


The Michigan Writers Series

The Michigan Writers Series recognizes and highlights the literary work of important writers who live and work in Michigan.


The Michigan Writers Collection

The Michigan Writers Collection, located in the Special Collections Division, is devoted to collecting and making accessible all the manuscripts and published works of selected writers with important ties to Michigan.

black and white sketch of an old print shop

History of Binding

This exhibit offers examples of bindings from throughout the ages, beginning with some of the oldest books in the collection, from the 15th century.


Women and Botany in 18th and Early 19th-Century England

In the Enlightenment, learning about science became part of general, polite culture. Many authors wrote books for young children, women, or girls to introduce them to the new scientific discoveries about plants.


The Masses

Originally established as an earnest but ultimately dull socialist magazine, The Masses was taken over in 1912 by artists whose commitment to a new artistic age was only equalled by their support of socialist political causes.


Clason State Road Maps

A systematic review of the maps contained in Clason State Road Maps, touring atlases, and Green Guides reveal that the road legends and other map symbols varied over the years in systematic ways.


The Cesar E. Chavez Collection

The Cesar E. Chavez Collection is an interdisciplinary browsing collection consisting of titles in a variety of formats, research levels and locations on Chicano and Boricua Studies.


Michigan Maps

This exhibit traces how roads have been depicted on Michigan Maps from the time it was a territory to the present. In addition to maps, it includes photographs, unique short-lived route guides and artifacts.


The Voices of American Presidents

The Voices of American Presidents have been captured by audio pioneers since the early days of sound recording. The MSU Vincent Voice Library is working to preserve over 100 years of historical spoken word recordings like those of the U.S. Presidents, and is pleased to share these sound samples from its collection.


Primary Sources

Primary sources are materials which provide first-hand evidence of an event, a person's life, or a historical period.


Making of Modern Michigan

The Making of Modern Michigan is a collaborative project involving 52 Michigan libraries. It includes local history materials from communities around the state.


Telling Family Stories: Jews, Genealogy & History

This exhibit features American Jewish cookbooks and schoolbooks from the Michigan State University Libraries' Special Collections. American Jews, in their children's books and cookbooks, demonstrated the importance of religion and gender in their families, and asserted themselves as both American and international/multilingual.

Feeding America

The Michigan State University Library and the MSU Museum have partnered to create an online collection of some of the most influential and important American cookbooks from the late 18th to early 20th century.


Artists' Books Collection

The MSU Libraries’ Artists’ Books Collection is housed in Special Collections and includes over 350 titles by a wide variety of artists including Laura Davidson, Julie Chen, and Emily Martin. The Cuban Artists’ Books Collection contains over 50 pieces, created by individuals at Ediciones Vigía, an artists’ cooperative that has produced limited-edition books since 1985.


Save America's Treasures

The goal of the exhibit is to educate the public about the fragility of our nation's cultural heritage and how libraries and library conservators are saving the books from our past. The exhibit illustrates some of the conservation treatments performed on the Teaching Young American's collection and how the library administered them.


Shaping the Values of Youth

This is a searchable collection focusing on the period between 1820-1880 of long-forgotten books and tracts for young people. One can read the texts and see images of the actual volumes-bindings, pages, flyleaves, frontispieces, marginal scribbling, and inscriptions.


Little Cookbooks: The Alan and Shirley Brocker Sliker Culinary Collection

The Sliker collection contains thousands of food and cookery related publications produced primarily by companies in the United States from the late nineteenth century up to the present.


The Africana Collection

The Africana collection of the MSU Library is one of the largest in the United States, having been built up since 1960 to support broad faculty involvement in research and development projects on the continent.


Vibrant Treasures: Botanical Illustrations

Since humans began sketching on cave walls, people have drawn plants. Vibrant Treasures: Botanical Illustrations from the 16th to 20th Centuries is an exhibit of all of these types of botanical illustrations.


The Veterinary Medicine Historical Collection

The Veterinary Medicine Historical Collection at MSU is one of the largest and finest collections of its kind in the nation and possibly the world. The collection features some 1,400 manuscripts and books covering the arts and practices of the veterinary profession from as early as the fifteenth century.


Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Collection

MSU's Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Collection composed of beautiful visual journalism art, in many forms, that was used to communicate news of the day. This collection offers access to a rich set of cartoons, photographs, illustrations, advertisements, etc.


The Comic Art Collection

The Comic Art Collection holds over 200,000 items. Most of these items are American comic books, but also included are over 1,000 books of collected newspaper comic strips, nearly 15,000 foreign comic books, and several thousand books and periodicals about comics.


The Lansing Auto Town Gallery

The Lansing Auto Town Gallery delivers the immediacy of the recorded voice and presents associated field notes and photographs of the men and women who worked within the automobile assembly industry.


Charles and Ruth Schmitter Fencing Collection

Charles and Ruth Schmitter Fencing Collection, the gift of Charles Schmitter, MSU's retired fencing coach and professor emeritus of health and physical education, and Ruth, his wife. Now numbering almost 600 titles in thirteen languages spanning four centuries, this unique research collection rivals any in the country in size, quality, and breadth.