Michigan State University

Campus Resources

Here is a list of ergonomic resources available at Michigan State University:

  • Office of the University Physician ((517) 353-9137): General ergonomics information is provided to help MSU employees make computer workstation changes or adjustments in order to improve comfort and reduce the chance of occupational injury.
  • Olin Health Center Physical Therapy and Orthopedics ((517) 353-5008): Olin provides ergonomic/work site evaluations and assists faculty, staff, and students with health care for injuries.
  • Computer Store ((517) 432-0700): Ergonomic computer items are available for sale.
  • Health4U ((517) 353-2596): MSU Health Promotion Programs offers training.
  • Workers' Compensation - Human Resources ((517) 353-4434): Administers workers' compensation benefits.
  • Interior Design Services ((517) 355-7467): Offers work station design, space planning, and interior design services.