Michigan State University

EBM Pricing

Books in the On Demand Database will be charged at the Suggested Retail Price.

Pricing for all other books not found in the catalog:

Basic Package

  • $9.95 Set-up - includes the time needed to assess if files are ready for print and upload to the machine*
  • If there are any errors in the first copy - that are not due to an error with the EBM - an upload of the revision is $5.00
*Additional formatting will be charged at a rate of $10.00 per half hour


After the initial set-up, each book is printed on a price-per-page fee:

  • Black and white 40-99 pages - $8.00 flat rate
  • Black and white 100+ pages - $9.00 for the first 100 pages, plus $0.02 per page for each additional page 101-800

Premium Package

$49.95 - Includes:

  • 1/2 hour meeting EBM Coordinator to discuss file requirements, submission guidelines, and any additional Q & As
  • File conversions to PDF is necessary
  • A proof copy to go over before printing the entire order
  • If an error is noticed in the proof that was not created by the EBM, the revision upload is $5.00

Alteration Fee

Any time after the initial Premium set-up and printing, the author may submit alterations to their work for an additional $25.00 fee plus the cost of an additional proof copy (based on per price-per-page fee)

Additional Options:

Cover Design Fee

  • Includes comprehensive design of a cover to fit your content - $40.00 per hour, billed in ¼ hour increments with a minimum of one hour

Color pages

  • Color printed interiors are an additional $0.10 per page

Cream colored paper

  • Additional $0.01 per page

Bulk Purchases

  • 50+ copies - 10% off