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Humanities Data

MSU Libraries Humanities data includes but is not limited to digitized and born digital text, audio, images, moving images, and the metadata that describes them. Current collection strengths reside in text and audio data. The following collections have been prepared with an eye toward enabling computational analysis at the micro and macro scale.

Recommendations for acquisition of new Humanities data, requests for assistance gathering and preparing Humanities data, and questions about how to use Humanities data should be directed to the MSU Libraries Digital Humanities team.


Sunday School Books in Nineteenth Century America 
(open to non-MSU users)
Number of Works: 166 works
Years covered: 1809-1887
Size: 11.6 MB
The Grange Visitor 
(open to non-MSU users)
Number of Works: 429 issues
Years covered: 1875-1896
Size: 8.53 GB
Feeding America 
(open to non-MSU users)
Number of Works: 76 books
Years covered: late 18th - early 20th century
Size: 78+ MB
MAC/MSC Record
M.A.C/M.S.C Record Dataset 
(open to non-MSU users)
Number of Works: 2694 works
Years covered: 1896-1955
Size: 24+ GB
Congress building
U.S. Congressional Collection 
(open to on-campus users)
Number of Works: 17,000+ daily records
Years covered: 1789-1918
Size: 120+ GB
Google Books Dataset
(open to on-campus users)
Number of Works: 3,000,000 approx.
Years Covered: 1500 - 2012
Size: 2.9 TB
Academic Building
MSU Libraries Catalog (in progress)
Number of Works:
Years Covered:

Image Credits: Schoolhouse by Chris Cole, Newspaper by John Caserta, Book by Derrick Snider, Library designed by libberry, Congress by Martha Ormiston, Cooking by Rafael Farias Leao, UX Personas by Matt Wasser