Michigan State University


A/V Media Working Group

The A/V media working group meets monthly and was convened by the Digital Curation unit with the sponsorship of the Associate Director for Special Collections and Conservation and is charged with establishing communication patterns and policy around pilot Media Preservation efforts including in-house digitization, outsourced digitization, and related projects. The working group will support the new Media Preservation Librarian position. Attached is a report which details media preservation status at MSU Libraries. 

Current participants: Aaron Collie, Peter Berg, John Shaw, Rick Peiffer

Digital Storage Working Group

The digital storage working group meets quarterly and is an advisory group convened by the Associate Director for Digital Information and Systems. The group contains representatives from Digital Curation and Systems units and is responsible for providing recommendations, support, and contributing to the Associate Director's strategic plan for library storage. The working group has been involved with assessing storage infrastructure, reviewing Service Level Agreements, planning infrastructure upgrades and hardware refresh cycles among other duties.

Current participants: Aaron Collie, Shawn Nicholson, Kim Pierce, Nathan Collins

​FedCom Planning Team

The FedCom Planning Team meets monthly as an all-hands meeting in order to plan for the deployment of new code, software upgrades, network upgrades, new collections, and other similar system-wide changes. The team has representatives from Digital Curation, Systems, Web Services, and Metadata.

Current participants: Aaron Collie, Eric Weston, Kevin Finkenbinder, Lucas Mak, Devin Higgins

FedCom Developers Team

The FedCom developers team meets weekly to report on development milestones, review the digital repository backlog, and initiate new investigations. The team is responsible for tracking and fixes bugs, developing new features, and maintaining communication with collection owners. 

Current participants: Aaron Collie, Lucas Mak, Devin Higgins, Thomas Padilla

Preservation Working Group

The Preservation Planning working group meets monthly to advise and collaborate around preservation issues with the primary objective of sharing information about preservation concerns, issues, projects, and initiatives in the MSU Libraries. Other objectives of the working group will be to: apprise of and discuss preservation issues related to the MSU Libraries; improve communication via intranet documentation around policies, procedures, and forms; clarify, aggregate and document workflows; and, report back and debrief on participation in professional conference and affiliations.

Current participants: Aaron Collie, Peter Berg, Eric Alstrom, Autumn Faulkner​

Linked Data Working Group

The recently formed Linked Data Working Group will meet monthly in order to investigate, pilot, and report on linked data forays and projects. The team is assembled as a community of practice and will primarily be charged with learning and experimenting with new software and technology around linked data with particular attention given to implementing results when feasible.

Current participants: Aaron Collie, Joshua Barton, Lucas Mak, Devin Higgins, Thomas Padilla, Ranti Junus, Dao Rong Gong, Lisa Robinson

Research Data Management Team

The Research Data Management team meets monthly to review, revise and support the efforts of the Research Data Management Guidance service. The RDM team assists with coordinating the RDM CAFE, administering the DMP Tool and coordinating the Data Management for Research Faculty Seminar and New Faculty Orientation among other related tasks.

Current participants: Aaron Collie, Hailey Mooney, Ranti Junus, Lisa Schmidt, Thomas Padilla