Michigan State University

Digital Curation


The Digital Curation unit operates as a hub-and-spokes service that collaboratively supports a number of digital library projects and programs, including:


The Digital Curation Unit advises faculty, staff, and students on data management planning, consults on digital projects, curates analog and digital materials, and develops software to preserve and provide access to digital collections.

The practice of Digital Curation consists of a series of activities and strategies that support the stewardship of digital assets that include but are not limited to library collections, scholarly records, and research data. Producing, acquiring, organizing, maintaining, controlling, preserving, and securing digital assets involves coordination of personnel and operations at the library and across campus.The Digital Curation Unit ensures that the library is prepared to manage and provide access to digital collections of enduring value.



The best way to learn more about Digital Curation services is to contact Aaron Collie.