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The area code for most MSU numbers is 517. If something else is listed, please use that one.

Unit Location Email Profile
Wagner, Jessica 517-884-8967
Course Materials Program Main Library Building, W222 (9) vasque25@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Walker, Victoria 517-884-5937
Copy Cataloging Main Library Building, W106 (4) walkerv1@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Wang, Huei 517-884-0812
Acquisitions Main Library Building, W106 (3) wangh@msu.edu view
Warner, Diane 517-884-0805
Electronic Resources Licensing Main Library Building, W119 (6) warnerd@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Webster, Elizabeth 517-884-5929
Information Literacy Main Library Building, W441 (13) ewebster@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Weessies, Kathleen 517-884-0849
Map Library Main Library Building, W308 (11) weessie2@msu.edu view
Weismantel, Arlene 517-884-6447
Human Resources, Text Management and InterLibrary Services Main Library Building, W102 (7) weisman1@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Weller, Erin 517-884-1943
Circulation Services Main Library Building, E119 (23) ferriser@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Westmoreland-Ayers, Jill 517-884-6449
Development Main Library Building, W102 (7) westmore@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Weston, Eric 517-884-0883
Systems Main Library Building, W441 (13) westone@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Wheeler, Abraham 517-884-0893
Health Sciences Main Library Building, WG1 (16) awheeler@msu.edu view
Wheeler, William 517-884-0882
Systems Main Library Building, W441 (13) wheelerw@mail.lib.msu.edu view
White, Sara 517-884-0861
Fine Arts Main Library Building, W411 (15) hanthor3@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Widder, Agnes 517-884-6394
Collections Main Library Building, E208 (21) widder@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Wiljanen, Kim 517-884-0813
Acquisitions Main Library Building, W106 (3) wiljanen@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Wilson, Terrie 517-884-0862
Fine Arts Main Library Building, W412 (15) wilso398@msu.edu view
Wilson, Kasey 517-884-0850
Map Library Main Library Building, W308 (11) wils1301@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Woods, Lynne 517-884-1960
(on-campus ↓)
Fax: 355-1690
Copyright Main Library Building, E319 (20) woodsl@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Wu, Xian 517-884-0837
Area Studies Main Library Building, E204 (21) wuxian@mail.lib.msu.edu view

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