Michigan State University

Printing to the Selma D. and Stanley C. Hollander MakeCentral: Service Desk

Two print options (MSU Print and/or copy center) are available in the Main Library.  If you choose to print to the copy center, you will need to identify your print job by your MSU NetID or the name and number posted on the system case of the computer from which you printed.

Library computers can send prints to the copy center (2-West) for 5 cents per side, payable by cash, check, Visa/MasterCard, Discover, American Express or MSU departmental account number (for those not eligible for, or not interested in, MSU Print accounts).

To avoid frustration with copy center printing, please read the following carefully before choosing the copy center printer. If you have questions, please ask at the copy center before printing.

The default print option on all library computers is MSU Print. If you wish to print and don’t have an MSU Print account, you must click on “File,” then “Print,” and choose copy center. (If you don't have credit on an MSU Print account and click on the printer icon on the top toolbar, the print will go to the printer and disappear.)

EXCEPTION FOR PDF files: To print a PDF document from Adobe Acrobat, you must use the print icon on the top toolbar within the Adobe window (NOT drop-down “File” menu) and choose copy center.

Please be careful not to print the same thing more than once and keep track of how many print jobs you request in case someone before you left jobs unprinted. If you ask us to print all jobs from your workstation, you must pay for every printed page, even if you find there are duplicates because something was printed more than once or was someone else's print.

To request your prints, you must have the identification letters and numbers (Example: Lib4wPC2, Lib2wPC12, ...) from the PC that sent your prints. Please remember that code before going to the copy center.

Nothing will be printed until you request printing in person at the copy center (which must be done within 2 hours or the print job will be deleted). There may be others ahead of you requesting printing, so please allow plenty of time before the two-hour deadline in case you have to wait.

TIP: It is best to print no more than 10 print jobs before checking with MakeCentral Staff to be sure all prints are arriving successfully.