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Due to major system maintenance, you will not be able to request items through MeLCat beginning on November 18, 2015.  Renewals for MeLCat items will still be possible until December 2, 2015.  The system should be available for requesting again in early December.  If you are MSU faculty, student or staff, please try Uborrow.  Our community borrowers will not have access to interlibrary loan through MSU during that time. For more information, please read this MeLCat Server Migration FAQ. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Community Borrower Overdue

Fines and Bills for Community Patrons

Fines and bills are the responsibility of the borrower regardless of vacations, exams, illness, car troubles, sabbatical leaves, late or never-received notices, etc. Fine amounts are not calculated until after material is returned.

The MSU Libraries have a "no overdue fines" policy for most material. Your cooperation in returning or renewing promptly will help retain this policy. Fines of $1.00 per day are charged for overdue reserves, software, CDs, records, videodiscs, special permission checkouts, and recalled items. Library privileges are suspended without notice until the account is paid in full. Payment may be made by mail or at Circulation.

Fines for Reserve material are one dollar ($1) per item per hour, 24 hours per day, from the time due until the time returned, with no grace period. Fines for Reserves, software, CDs, records, videodiscs, special permission checkouts, and recalled items are $1 per day from the due date until the day returned, with no grace period. When an item is significantly overdue, the borrower is billed for replacement and borrowing privileges are suspended until the account is paid in full or material is returned or replaced by the borrower. Minimum replacement charges are $100 for a book. Current market value is charged whenever it is higher than the minimum replacement charge.

Billed material must be brought to a Circulation desk and be renewed in person -- mail renewals are not allowed for billed items. When a billed item is returned, the replacement charge is canceled but any applicable overdue fine is charged. Unresolved bills may be turned over to a collection agency any time after 30 days.

Please call the Interlibrary Loan office at (517) 884-6398, if any questions about ILL due dates.

If you are certain that you have already returned an item listed on your reminder notice, please follow these steps to ask us to search for it:

  1. If you received your reminder via e-mail, print it.
  2. On the notice, in the margin immediately to the left of the item, write "search" and the date the material was returned.
  3. Fax the notice to: (517) 355-5005
    Mail it to: Returned Book Search
    Circulation Services, Main Library
    MSU Libraries
    366 W. Circle Drive
    East Lansing, MI 48824
  4. A search for the material will be done within three business days of our receiving your report.
    • If the item is found, you will be notified by campus/US mail and your record related to this item will be cleared immediately.
    • If the item is not found, we will keep searching, but you will also be notified and asked to search again. You may be billed for replacement one month after the due date (sooner if the item is recalled).

Receipts can be requested when returning items at the Main Circulation Desk.


If you no longer need an item, please return it NOW. We usually have only one copy of each title to meet the needs of the entire MSU community.

If you are still using an item, please renew it:

  1. Click here to see Your Library Account, to see what material you have checked out, and Renew them.
  2. To renew by mail:

Renewals, Circulation Services
MSU Libraries
366 W. Circle Drive
East Lansing, MI 48824

  1. First, match each item on your notice to material you have checked out. Check date at top of notice to make certain that you don't renew material that you returned since the list was printed.
  2. Then request renewal by writing "renew" just left of each item you wish to renew. You will receive mail confirmation of your renewals.
  3. Use the address printed at the top of your reminder notice or the following:

IMPORTANT: If you are sure that you have already returned an item listed on your reminder notice, please write "search" and the approximate return date in the left margin.

Recalled Items & Recall Fines

When a borrowed item is requested by another user, the original loan period may be shortened. The item may not be renewed and the new date due must be observed. A fine of $1/day will be charged for books kept past the recall date due and a replacement bill issued for items that become 7 days or more overdue.

Remember, as a MSU Library borrower, you are responsible for:

  • Notifying Circulation immediately if your card is lost/stolen ((517) 355-2333)
  • Responding promptly to recalls
  • Returning/renewing material on time
  • Keeping material in good condition
  • Reporting address changes promptly to the Library Circulation Dept.

Click here for the Library Circulation Policies.