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Law College Building

Law College Building
Michigan State University
648 N. Shaw Lane, Room 50
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 355-3380
Fax: (517) 353-6648

Meet Your Librarians: Laura Leavitt

Laura Leavitt

Current role: Head Librarian at the Gast Business Library and Instructor for BUS 291-2, Business Intelligence Resources.

Fun fact: Laura attended the final game of the 1984 World Series when the Detroit Tigers beat the San Diego Padres in Detroit…and the celebratory madness that ensued.

Get in touch: Laura is available for any questions, concerns and compliments(!) about the Gast Business Library at leavitt9@msu.edu, 517-355-4647 and @leavitt9

Meet Your Librarians: Alex Hauser

Alex Hauser

Current role: Liaison and selector for Advertising & Marketing, Management, Human Resources & Labor Relations, and the MBA Program.

Fun fact: While attending MSU for her undergrad, Alex was selected to audition for College Jeopardy.

Get in touch: If you would like to meet with Alex, or quiz her on her Jeopardy skills, you can contact her by phone (517) 884-6679 or by e-mail hauseral@msu.edu.

New Business Books

student looking at books on shelf

Check out the new books at the Gast Business Library:

Popular Business & Audio Books rss feed

Business Books rss feed

Meet Your Librarians: Breezy Silver

Breezy Silver

Current role: Assistant Head and Collection Coordinator of the Gast Business Library. She is the liaison and selector for Hospitality, International Business, and Economics Departments.

Fun fact: Breezy is named after the character in the Clint Eastwood directed film Breezy. When is she is not at the library, she loves spending time with her two spoiled cats and her dog.

Get in touch: To link up with Breezy (or to talk about how much you love your cats and dogs),  feel free to call (517) 432-4181 or e-mail silverbr@msu.edu.

MARS: MSU Article Retrieval Service

MSU Article Retrieval Service

Free - Fast - For Everyone


The MSU Libraries will scan from any print collection for you (including those materials previously housed in the Engineering or Math Library) and send you an electronic copy.


Submit your request for an electronic copy!

Fall 2017 Classes and Workshops

Librarian teaching a class

Sign up today for a free workshop at the library! Sign up early, as most classes have limited enrollment.  Offered this semester:

  • Citation Management -  Endnote X6 and Endnote Online, Mendeley, and Zotero
  • Digital Humanities - including Git and Github
  • Make Central  - using kites for aerial photography and laser cutting for bookmark making
  • GIS programs - map reading, QGIS, geocoding, and 3D printing terrain maps
  • Desire2Learn, ZOOM, and MediaSpace

Librarians Are Here to Help

librarian teaching students on computers

The Business Library has librarians here to help you with your research, in using databases, and more.

If you can't get to the Business Library, you can contact us through our Ask a Business Librarian email service.