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Ena Malin discusses her career at the Olds mansion on Main Street in Lansing, MI

Ena Malin talks about her life in domestic service at the Olds mansion on Main Street in Lansing, MI. Malin and her husband, who came to the U.S. from Germany in 1961, were employed by Gladys Olds Anderson, daughter of auto magnate Ransom E. Olds. She talks about the pressures of working for demanding, wealthy people, her duties and how she came to work at the mansion and how her husband became the family chauffeur. She also discusses the mansion's opulence, the many famous and powerful house guests entertained by the Olds-Anderson family, and laments the demolition of the mansion and the end of an era in Lansing high society. The interviewer is Shirley Bradley. Recording ends abruptly. Recorded in commemoration of the REO Motor Car Company's 100th Anniversary.

  • 2004-06-26
  • 0:46:43
  • Interviewee:
    • Malin, Ena
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