Michigan State University

Internet Access Policy for the Federal Depository Library Program Collection

In compliance with Michigan State University's responsibility to promote security and accountability on the Internet through no anonymous access, the Michigan State University Libraries (MSUL) promulgated Depository Library Public Service Guidelines for Government Information in Electronic Formats. These guidelines fully conform to the Michigan State University Acceptable Use of Computing Systems, Software, and the University Digital Network policy

The present access policy statement further illuminates the Library's responsibility vis-à-vis the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) and acceptable use statements. The MSUL abides by the FDLP Internet Use Policy Guidelines. One way the MSUL system provides access to products in the FDLP Electronic Collection is through a system of "Selected Resources" computer workstations. These workstations do not require login and are free of fees and other restrictions. As the "Selected Resources" workstations do not permit unfettered access to the Internet, established procedures ensure routine and regular addition of new products from the Electronic Collection to a central database, thereby permitting access. In the event that access is unattainable, appropriate signs indicate assistance is available from the Main Library Reference Desk. Mediated and unmediated searching is available from this service point.