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War pilots learn to fear ground fire : one of the 1,700 Bofor guns ordered from the Swedish

During a demonstration of anti-aircraft equipment at the Horseguards Parade ground in front of the Old War Office Building in London’s Whitehall district, British Royal Artillery gunners emplace a 40 mm Bofors L/60 anti-aircraft gun which is mounted on a four wheeled gun carriage. The gunners are part-time soldiers from the Territorial Army. The gun was produced for Britain under license from the Swedish Bofors AG by the Polish State Arsenal. Viewing the display is Secretary of State for War Leslie Hore-Belisha, another civilian man, and a British Army officer wearing riding breeches. Hore-Belisha wears a hat & a double-breasted suit and carries a cane. The other man has on a hat and three-piece suit. In the background is a line of civilian spectators and sound detectors.


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  • The Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Image Collection

  • Chicago Sunday Tribune (December 5, 1937), Graphic Section, p. 8

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