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Dick Tracy : on the lam

In this "Dick Tracy—On the Lam," cartoon by Chester Gould in the first panel millionaire playboy Johnny Mintworth has leaped out of a second story window of his mother’s mansion to escape the arrival of detectives from the district attorney’s office. He commandeers a car from a chauffeur. Dick Tracy tells Detective Birklen not to shoot. In the second panel Birklen berates Tracy for not stopping Johnny’s escape. Tracy retorts that Johnny went through the window “in the twinkle of an eye.” In the third panel Tracy and Birklen glare at each other while Johnny’s mother sobs that her son has disgraced the Mintworth name and is now a fugitive criminal. In the last panel Johnny goes through his limited options while frantically driving. Tracy and the detectives wear three-piece suits. Birklen sports a straw boater hat.



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  • The Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Image Collection

  • Chicago Daily Tribune (July 6, 1937), Sports/Markets/Want Ads, p. 24

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