The Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Collection

Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith Flys 1/3 Around the Globe in 51 Hours!

Advertisement for Camel Cigarettes by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. includes a comic strip about Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith, an aviator who flew 7,300 miles from Brisbane, Australia to Oakland, California, via Fiji and Hawaii. Kingsford-Smith and his navigator, Patrick Gordon Taylor, flew the “Lady Southern Cross” a Lockheed Altair monoplane. Departing Australia, the plane almost crashes into the Pacific. When they landed in Hawaii, they receive leis from a female Hula dancer. On the final leg of the flight, the two see California Mount Tamalpais’ twin peaks poke through the clouds. According to the comic strip, when they land in California, the first thing Kingsford-Smith does is to smoke a Camel cigarette while speaking into a radio microphone. Also in the ad is an announcement for “The All-Star Camel Caravan” which has the photos of performers Walter O’Keefe, Annette Hanshaw, and Glen Gray. Finally, there is an illustration of a pack of Camels.



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  • The Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Image Collection

  • Chicago Sunday Tribune (February 10, 1935), p. 12

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