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Terry and the pirates

In this "Terry and the Pirates" cartoon by Milton Caniff, Terry Lee, Pat Ryan, and the Dragon Lady (AKA Madam Deal) are imprisoned on a wooden Chinese junk sailing ship. In the first panel, Master Fang, dressed in a red and yellow “Hanfu”-style robe with a skull insignia on the front, confers with the Dragon Lady. She, sporting a tight-fitting indigo-colored gown, refuses to tell Fang where her treasure is kept. In an adjoining cabin, Terry and Pat try to foil Fang’s attempt to capture a British merchant ship. Terry talks to the Dragon Lady through a crack in the wall. The two negotiate an agreement in which she will give Terry a mirror in exchange for helping to free her. Fang has Terry and Pat brought up to the junk’s deck. He instructs the two to “shout and appear in distress” at the British ship, hoping to take over the vessel as it comes alongside the junk. In the last panel, Pat surreptitiously uses the mirror to flash a message to the merchant ship.



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  • The Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Image Collection

  • Chicago Sunday Tribune (February 10, 1935), p. 5

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