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Dick Tracy

In "Dick Tracy," cartoon by Chester Gould, Detective Dick Tracy hosts a meeting in his apartment with his adopted son Junior, partner Pat Patton, Chief Brandon, and Mary Steele. He announces that Mary is the mother of Junior. A sniper tries to kill Mary. Tracy deduces that Mary’s life is in danger because she informed on “Arson’s gang.” Tracy, Patton, and the Chief leave the apartment and go to a building across the street. As they go through the entrance, they pass a dark-haired woman (later identified as Nora Arson) wearing a mink coat walking out. Later Nora changes into men’s clothes. Thus disguised, she goes to the city jail and informs the jailers that she is Mr. Boris “Arson’s lawyer from Boston.” The “lawyer” is brought to Arson’s cell where he recognizes that his visitor is actually his sister. She tells him that she botched the shooting, but Mary Steele “will pay for this with her life.”



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  • The Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Image Collection

  • Chicago Sunday Tribune (February 10, 1935), p. 3

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