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Moon Mullins

In this cartoon by Frank Willard entitled "Moon Mullins," a case of mistaken identity ends with Moon getting a thrashing. Kayo, Moon’s small younger brother, brags that he’s going to visit a former school teacher, Mrs. Mabel Wharton, for dinner. Kayo brags that Mrs. Wharton is “a pip.” Moon reminds Kayo that he’s recovering from the measles and would probably get sicker if he left the house. Moon leaves to tell the teacher the bad news. At Mabel’s house, her much older husband, Steve, overhears a conversation between his wife and the housemaid (a large African American woman). The maid informs Mabel that Steve will be at a meeting in the evening. The teacher replies that “the cutest boy” named Mullins who she “was simply crazy about,” will dine with her. Steve barges in and jealously accuses her of cheating. The maid informs Steve that “Mr. Mullins is in the parlor.” The husband sees Moon Mullins in an easy chair. Steve proceeds to chase Moon out of the house while beating him with a baseball bat. Mabel swears to her husband that she had never seen Moon before. Little Kayo enters the Wharton house and tells Steve that he had sent word that he “couldn’t come over on account of me hav’n the measles but the doctor called and said that I was all okay now and that I could come.” Steve asks who the boy is and Mabel explains that Kayo is the Mullins who was to come to dinner.



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  • The Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Image Collection

  • Chicago Sunday Tribune (January 11, 1931), p. 3

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