The Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Collection

Harold Teen

This "Harold Teen" cartoon by Carl Ed explores the consequences of not paying a small-time extortionist. Harold arrives at his girlfriend “Lillums” Lovewell’s home. Lillums' brother demands a bribe to tell her that Harold has arrived. He refuses and assumes that the brother will announce his arrival. Harold falls asleep in an easy chair by a roaring fireplace. Meanwhile, Lillums becomes increasingly agitated that Harold has not arrived. Frustrated, she phones old beau “Beezy Banks,” to take her “to a squeakie.” When she comes to the fireplace room and sees Harold snoring, she berates him for his bad conduct and informs Harold that she’s going out with Beezy. In the last panel, Harold fumes at the brother who informs him that the amount of future bribes will be going up.



40 x 35.2 cm

Tribune Company

full color

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  • The Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Image Collection

  • Chicago Sunday Tribune (January 11, 1931), p. 2

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