The Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Collection

A chance to use the college debating teams between halves

This cartoon bemoans the increasing role of rule making in college sports. On the football field of a packed stadium, opposing football teams are seated on chairs. Each has an advocate beseeching a whistle-tooting referee in judicial robes who sits at a table in mid-field labeled "Referee." The advocate on the left contends, "Your honor, their fullback is not eligible!! We claim a victory!" while his opposite number counters ""The victory belongs to us--That touchdown was made by an ineligible player!" Rushing to the advocates are aides carrying rule books. Other books labeled "Eligibility" and "Rules on Eligibility" are strewn on the playing field. At the far goal post, two stretcher bearers carry a player marked "Ineligible." Fans in the crowd yell "Hold 'em Yale!" "Rah! Rah!" and "Louder!"



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  • The Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Image Collection

  • Chicago Daily Tribune (November 12, 1927), n.p.

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