Michigan State University

Group Study & Tech Spaces in the Gast Business Library

The Gast Business Library has a number of group study rooms and a Collaborative Technology Lab for more specialized projects. To reserve a group study room or the Collaborative Technology Lab, see our Reservation System.

See below for room descriptions and policies. You will need your MSU ID to check into all rooms.

Wireless, Collaborative Monitor, and Whiteboard (Rooms 25, 26, 27, 30, 31, 32 and 35)

Description: These rooms are equipped with a 50 inch monitor with wireless "airmedia" that allows you to display up to 4 device(laptop, smartphone, tablet) screens simultaneously to facilitate collaboration and presentations. This space also has wireless access and a whiteboard.

Check in: Business Library Circulation Desk

Maximum time: 2 hours

Largest group: 10

Visit our Reservation System to reserve a room now. 




Collaborative Technology Lab (Room 13)

Description: This room is equipped with an interactive SmartBoard, DVD player, two plasma screens, white board, and a projector. A laptop, SmartBoard markers and cord, dry erase markers for the white board, and external microphone for the laptop are available for check-out when using the room.

Please note: Priority use of this room will be given to faculty, students, and staff in the Broad College of Business and School of Human Resources and Labor Relations. Priority will also be given to those groups requiring use of the room’s technology (plasma screens, SmartBoard, videoconferencing, etc.).

Check in: Business Library Circulation Desk

Maximum time: 4 hours

Largest group: 15

Visit our Reservation System to reserve the room now.




  • Patrons with an MSU ID may reserve rooms using the online Reservation System.
  • Check in at the Circulation Desk before occupying your room to avoid being counted as a no-show. You must show your MSU ID at this point.
  • Cancel your reservation if the room is not needed. After 5 no shows, patrons are blocked from reserving rooms.
  • Room reservations will be held for 15 minutes and then released.
  • Do not reserve more than two consecutive hours or your reservation may be cancelled.
  • Groups of 3-10 people may use the rooms (except for the Collaborative Technology Lab which is limited to 15).
  • The room may only be checked out by MSU affiliated faculty, staff, and students with a current MSU ID.
  • Please return all checked out materials that are associated with the Collaborate Technology Lab to the Circulation Desk when you are done using them. There are significant overdue penalties if all materials are not returned. You may also be charged replacement fees.
  • The person that checks out the room and equipment is responsible for any missing or damaged equipment or any damage to the room and furniture.
  • No eating, drinking, tobacco use or loud noise in the rooms.
  • Rooms must be left clean and tidy.
  • Rooms left vacant will be reassigned.
  • Please check the room before you leave to be sure you have all your personal belongings. The Gast Business Library is not responsible for belongings left in vacated rooms. Belongings found in vacated rooms may be claimed that day at the Circulation Desk. Thereafter, items may be sent to DPPS.
  • All groups must vacate the group study rooms by ½ hour prior to the closing of the Gast Business Library.
  • The person reserving the room is responsible for the actions of the group. Abuse of rules may cause forfeiture of future privileges for the person reserving the room and/or the entire group.