Michigan State University

Eligible Borrowers

Material may not be checked out for others. A borrower is financially responsible for all material checked out using his/her card. Therefore, theft/loss of an MSU ID or library card must be reported immediately by calling Circulation at 517/ 355-2333.

MSU IDs (available for students, faculty and staff at the MSU ID Office, 405 Computer Center, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm) are issued with a library barcode. When an MSU student activates his/her MSU e-mail account, the barcode number is entered automatically into library records. If a student has not activated his or her MSU e-mail account, the student (like faculty and staff) may have the barcode added to library records at the Main Library Circulation Desk or a branch library before checking out material.

Michigan residents at least 18 years old (who are not MSU students, faculty, or staff) are eligible for community library privileges. Community borrowers must present photo ID and proof of Michigan residence to obtain an MSU library card. If the individual has no outstanding fines or bills from a previous MSU library account, a card will be issued. (Community borrowers cannot check out periodicals, software, CDs, records, videodiscs or laptops.)

A photo ID is required to register an MSU ID. If a borrower's library card or MSU ID lacks a picture, an additional photo ID will always be required to check out material.