Michigan State University

Reasons for Cancellation

Received a cancellation email?  Please read the email sent to you for more information.  Here is a list of reasons why ILS staff may cancel a request:

  • MSU Owned - check location for availability:  The item appears to be available according to the MSU Libraries online catalog. We will provide you with a call number and location from our catalog.  If you are MSU Faculty or Graduate student, we will supply from our print collection through the MARS Service.
  • MSU has online access: The article or book you have requested appears to be available in an electronic format.  We will supply you with a link from our online catalog.
  • MSU Owned - available in MSU Remote Storage: The item is available from the MSU Remote Storage.  We will provide you a link to the form for retrieval from that facility.
  • Volume/Issues Not yet Received:  The requested item has not yet been received at academic or national libraries. Please resubmit in 4-6 weeks.
  • Thesis/Dissertation is available online through Dissertation Abstracts:  We will provide a link so that you can access the item.
  • Thesis/Dissertation is non-circulating: The item is not available for a loan.  We will give you a link to purchase the dissertation if it is available.
  • Too new for an interlibrary loan: There are no libraries willing to lend the title because it is too new or there are not very many libraries that own the title. We will ask you to resubmit in 2-3 months if you still need it.  You may want to consider placing a request to purchase.
  • This item appears to be a textbook.  We are unable to find a lender.
  • Item not supplied by lender: The available lender did not supply.  We may have created another request for you and sent it to a different library.
  • Seasonal Availability: Lenders who own this title appear to be on break during this time.  Please resubmit the request in a 3-4 weeks.
  • Unable to find a source for the requested material with the information provided: With the information provided, we were unable to find a lender.  Please resubmit with more details about the item.
  • We have exhausted all known and available sources: There are no possible libraries that can provide the requested material. Please contact your subject librarians for assistance in finding other resources.
  • Other: There may be special information that we need or there may be unique circumstances for the request.