Michigan State University

Digital Curation

Digital Curation is an umbrella term for the activities and strategies that support the stewardship of a particular portion of library collections - digital assets. Producing, acquiring, organizing, maintaining, controlling, preserving, and securing digital assets is an enterprise effort that requires the coordination of personnel and operations throughout the Michigan State University Library system.

The Digital Curation unit is responsible for developing a digital curation program that will ensure the library is properly prepared and provisioned to manage our digital collections for as long as the objects in our digital collections continue to be a contributing asset to our service model - putting the right scholarly information into your hands, now or in the future.

While preservation and access to digital information resources is considered the backbone of digital curation, it is generally a behind-the-scenes service. Our outward facing service plan has been tailored to assist faculty and students who are themselves struggling with the management of digital scholarship.