Michigan State University

Requesting a Course Pack

Submit a Bibliography

Requesting a course pack is as easy as submitting a complete bibliography once you know which selections you'd like to use.  As soon as we receive your bibliography, we will immediately begin the process of obtaining copyright permissions for the selections you submit.

We can scan materials for you.

If you don’t already have a master copy, we can scan the selections for you for no additional charge.  If the selections are a part of the Main Library holdings and available, we can retrieve the copy and scan the material for you, provided we have a sufficient description of the content needed for the pack (page ranges, chapter number, etc.)

If you already have a copy of the selections (either in hard copy or electronic format), send them to us via File Depot to expedite your pack’s processing time.  For more information on how to compose and submit a master, refer to our helpful guide Simplifying Course Pack Creation as a PDF or HTML page.

Decide how you want the course pack to look.

Choose from several formatting option, including electronic PDFs with navigational bookmarks or standard printing with three-hole punch.  Print packs are sold through one of the college bookstores and there is no extra charge for pickup and delivery, pagination, or three-hole drilled stock in white and standard colors.  Electronic packs are available right in D2L for easy access and downloading.  Consider including a table of contents and contact information for faculty and instructors.  For pricing, check out our Electronic Course Pack Program or Print Course Pack Pricing pages.

Approve the Quote

We will provide a quote for you to approve with the unit price of your course pack based on royalties and estimated printing costs.  We can also produce a proof copy for you to review before the full run begins printing, to capture any errors.


Expedite Processing and Reduce Costs

  • Get a head start. Send bibliographies to Course Materials as soon as material is selected; forward scans and hard copies when preparation is complete. Adequate lead time means no rush charges from rights holders.
  • Photos, art, charts, and figures often require separate permissions (look for credits). Masking unnecessary figures and images reduces costs.
  • If possible, include photocopies of title and copyright pages from each work with the bibliography.
  • For published material, permission usually must be sought from the original source. For works in an anthology or other reprinted material (e.g. figures), cite both source consulted and original source, including original page number(s). Legends, footnotes, or acknowledgments list source information.


Reordering a course pack

Simply email us as soon as you decide to use the same course pack again and let us know if there are any changes you’d like to make.  It’s that easy!