Michigan State University

Expediting Processing and Reducing Costs

Providing a bibliography prior to the completion of a course pack master can expedite the permissions process. Once we receive the bibliography, permissions requests are dispatched will be processed as quickly as possible in the order received. If any bibliographic research needs to be done after materials are submitted, permissions and production will be delayed until research is complete. The following tips can help reduce costs and expedite course pack production:

  • Type or print citations legibly.
  • Get a head start. Send bibliographies to Course Materials as soon as material is selected; forward the rest of the course pack when preparation is complete. Adequate lead time means no rush charges from rights holders.
  • Photos, art, charts, and figures often require separate permissions (look for credits). Masking unnecessary figures and images reduces costs.
  • If possible, include photocopies of title and copyright pages from each work with the bibliography.
  • For published material, permission usually must be sought from the original source. For works in an anthology or other reprinted material (e.g., figures), cite both source consulted and original source, including original page number(s). Legends, footnotes, or acknowledgments give source information.