Michigan State University

Preparing a Course Pack Master

The following guidelines should be used when preparing a course pack master for production. A quality master will help us produce a higher quality course pack and keep the cost low for students.

  • Each master pack should contain original 8.5" x 11" materials or clean, legible copies (avoid black margins on photocopies) in the order desired. Please number each page on the back. A camera-ready master is best.
  • Consider including a table of contents, the course syllabus, and contact information for faculty and instructors.
  • Photographs can be duplicated in black and white (or in color, at additional cost).
  • For best quality and value, avoid using glue or tape on the master.
  • Avoid using Post It® notes to affix instructions. The residue often remains on the paper and can appear on the copies. We recommend using notes attached by a paper clip.
  • Use a 1" left margin for binding or duplication on three-hole paper.
  • The top, right, and bottom margins should be 0.5" minimum.
  • Use 20-lb. white bond, one side only, in preparing originals.
  • Use black ink, as blue does not reproduce.
  • Electronic files are welcome and encouraged.

For more comprehensive advice related to finding selections to include in your pack, how to best compose your master, and the ins and outs of copyright clearance, check out our helpful Simplifying Course Pack Creation guide as a PDF or HTML page.