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Visual Disability Technology - Zoom Text Xtra

ZoomText® Xtra is a software program that combines large print and screen reading when using Windows applications. Text and graphics are enlarged and onscreen text is spoken aloud as you do your work. In order to avoid conflict with the Jaws for Windows Screen Reader, you have to shut down Jaws before starting up the ZoomText® Xtra program.

ZoomText® Xtra is designed for computer users with low-vision who may need magnification and color filtering, and individuals that may benefit from screen and/or document reading of web pages, word processing, email, or text. Magnification (Level 1) - Delivers 2x to 16x powers of magnification with text smoothing and color filtering.

Full and partial-screen enlargement capabilities magnify exactly what a user wants to see. Automated scrolling and mouse routing helps center a magnified view whenever typing, moving the mouse, or displaying an active area within an application. Color filtering allows a user to convert colors to equivalent gray-scales, control contrast, and to invert colors (all, B&W, or gray) for the purpose of enhancing vision. Speech synthesis (Level 2) -- Integrates magnification with an innovative document reader and a text-to-speech screen reader.

For persons requiring or wanting reading assistance, DocReader© is a full-screen environment capable of automatically reading and/or magnifying text located in web pages, word processing, email, and text found in most other applications. ZoomText's screen reader capabilities include speaking selected on-screen text, menus, dialog boxes, and keyboard-input.

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